Purchasing and installing a new heating system won’t be an inexpensive endeavor, but there are options available if you are in need of financial assistance. Many contractors offer payment plans, while some utility companies provide rebates when energy-efficient systems replace dated equipment. Make sure to explore these opportunities before deciding on the right home heating solution for your needs!

Equipment and Components

When selecting a furnace for your home heating system, cost and efficiency should be considered. Low-efficiency models are inexpensive initially but will result in higher energy bills down the road. High-efficiency furnaces come with a steeper price tag upfront but save you money over time through lower utility costs. Gas furnace prices can range from $1,360 to $12,500 depending on efficiency rating while electric furnaces start at just $395 up to as much as $1,700 or more – depending on size and brand.

Furnace Size and Removal

A heating and air-conditioning contractor sizes the furnace to your home’s square footage. They use a series of calculations based upon the British Thermal Units or BTUs needed to heat the space. The larger the space, the more powerful the home heating system needs to be. For already constructed home heating systems, the contractor will need to remove the old furnace to add the new one. These charges will be included in the installation costs.

Installation Costs

Home heating systems are intricate and thus require the expertise of a professional contractor to install. While you can purchase your furnace yourself, most contractors won’t guarantee it or even decline installation if you don’t buy from them. Installation charges vary by area, usually ranging from $50 an hour up to $150 or more for bigger furnaces. The process should take around five hours minimum for small furnaces, with larger ones taking longer periods due to their complexity.

Home Heating System

If you are in the market for a central heating and air-conditioning system, be prepared to invest thousands of dollars. The size of your system will determine how much labor is involved to construct it, as well as additional expenses such as ductwork installation fees which can cost up to $50 per hour. All told, outfitting your home with a new furnace may end up costing more than expected!

Contractor Hiring

Before you decide on a contractor, obtain bids from at least three to five dependable contractors. Also, it’s wise to examine your state’s contractor licensing board website for any customer grievances filed and validate the heating and air-conditioning contracting license is valid & active. Analyze each of the separate furnace efficiency ratings proposed by different contractors to select the model that best meets your energy requirements. Keep in mind if you purchase energy-star rated equipment; although there might be more up front investment involved, but eventually it will pay off with financial savings down line.

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