How to Clean Your Window AC Unit

When the weather heats up, trust your window air conditioner to keep you and your family chilled. But if it’s been a while since you serviced yours, now is an ideal time to show some TLC. Cleaning your AC on the regular not only ensures that it runs energy-efficiently but also combats mold growth which can have dangerous health effects. Keep cool all summer long by maintaining a clean unit!

What is the Average Life of a Central Air Conditioning System?

When scouting a new air conditioner or experiencing an issue with their current system, one of the more frequent inquiries homeowners pose is, “How long do AC units typically last?” While most HVAC companies strive to make their products dependable through thorough testing and optimization, this answer can be intricate.

How Do Portable Air Conditioners Work?

Freestanding portable air conditioners, equipped with casters or wheels and a vent to fit in nearby window frames, are the ideal solution for when you need to move your AC from room-to-room. Not only do they provide optimal comfort during hotter months by circulating airflow throughout the immediate area […]

Which Type of Heater is Cheapest to Run?

It’s important to be conscious about our energy usage – it helps us look after both the planet and our bills. Searching for the ideal electric heater can be daunting, with so many varieties available. It’s important to select one that is tailored to your specific needs and has a high energy efficiency rating. If […]

How much is a new heating system for a house?

Purchasing and installing a new heating system won’t be an inexpensive endeavor, but there are options available if you are in need of financial assistance. Many contractors offer payment plans, while some utility companies provide rebates when energy-efficient systems replace dated equipment.

How does geothermal heating work?

Picture steaming hot springs in the midst of a remote, Nordic landscape. Although this image might be far-fetched, geothermal heating is actually an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heat source that can be used for homes all over the world – one gaining more and more attention! But what exactly does it mean

What is the average cost of a furnace replacement?

Replacing a furnace can be an important part of keeping your home warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. But just how much should you expect to pay for a new furnace? On average, furnace replacement costs range anywhere from $3,000-$7,500 depending on the size of your home and the type

Which Type Of Heating Is Most Efficient?

There are a lot of different types of heaters on the market these days. Some heaters are more efficient than others, and some are more expensive to run than others. So, which type of heater is most efficient?  How to Calculate Heating Efficiency  The average electricity prices from April 2020 were used to calculate these […]

What should you set your thermostat at in the winter? 

If you’re wondering what temperature is best during the winter, you’re not alone. You want to be comfortable, but also use an efficient temperature that doesn’t potentially increase your energy costs. The best thermostat setting for winter is 68 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re at home. also suggests lowering your thermostat or turning it off […]

Is Electric Heating Expensive? 

The Benefits of Electric Heating  Though generally more expensive, electric heating has many benefits that might make the cost worthwhile for homeowners. A significant advantage is a safety; most other heating methods use some kind of combustible fuel, such as propane, which can pose a fire hazard if there’s a leak or damage to the […]