Family Owned HVAC Business

We want to welcome you to Laureyns United, the parent holding company of Climate Heating and Cooling and Four Seasons Heating and Cooling.

Rick Laureyns is principal co-owner of Laureyns United – a family-owned and operated business leading the HVAC industry for residential and commercial customers throughout Berkshire County. We are the experienced HVAC experts, proudly engineering, installing and servicing systems that are superior, reliable, and efficient.

The general over-arching plan has changed so that both companies have merged under the name of the parent brand and we will use our full and expanded workforce to provide better and more efficient service than ever before to BOTH bases of loyal customers.

Laureyns United has grown impressively over two decades, now sporting a fleet of approximately 100 employees and 80 company vehicles, while remaining customer-focused and family-owned.

We appreciate your loyalty to our business and recognize that of all the choices you have, you chose us, and we are most grateful.

We look forward to serving your needs.


Climate Heating & Cooling, Inc.
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Four Seasons Heating and Cooling, Inc.
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HVAC Services


Our qualified technicians are at your service to troubleshoot and resolve any issue and concern you may have.


Our commercial department at Laureyns United has all the resources your commercial application needs for HVAC solutions.

Maintenance Program

Laureyns United Heating and Cooling is proud to offer 24 hour /7 day a week service to planned maintenance customers.


Your old furnace can be costing you more money than its worth. New furnaces are now much more efficient.


By harnessing the energy of the earth we are able to design affordable eco-friendly solutions for your home.

Cooling Services

We are happy to offer a wide selection of cooling solutions. A comfort adviser will be with you every step of the way to make sure that you get exactly what you need.

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