Before the summer months, look for the below 5 signs that may indicate your AC needs immediate service.

5 Signs Your AC Needs Immediate Service

Summers in Massachusetts are often hot and humid. If your air conditioner stops working as it should, you may feel uncomfortable inside your own home. Also, the increasing heat you are may experience can put a strain on your air conditioning system. Before the summer months, look for the below 5 signs that may indicate your AC needs immediate service.  

The AC Unit Is Blowing Hot or Cold Air That Is Inconsistent With The Temperature Set Manually.
One of the most common issues with older air conditioning units is that they fluctuate between cool and warm air. It can still produce normal air amounts, but the air isn’t as cold as it should be or sporadically produces warm air. If your unit stops producing cold air or vice versa, it’s time to look into things.

The Unit Has Decreased Airflow 
The vents do not allow much air to escape during operation. A significant drop in airflow might be an indication that your compressor is nearing its end of life. If your thermostat is set to a temperature and your home is still too hot or cold, your AC system isn’t operating at peak efficiency, and you should look into contacting a heating and cooling company in Massachusetts.  

Emits Strange Noises 
A properly working air conditioning system should be almost inaudible. If you know your unit well, you’ll be familiar with the sounds it makes as it works. Those noises will become a part of the sonic symphony of your life. So, when you hear new or strange sounds, it’s time to act because this may indicate a need for maintenance. 

Your Unit Is Leaking And/or Producing Excess Moisture 
On most units, outside condensation or dripping water is typical (i.e., outside the home). However, unless it is in use, the unit must generally be dry. You should call a specialist if you notice humidity inside the house, a significant increase in condensation, or a leak. 

Your Utility Bill Is Too High 
Are you concerned about your next electricity bill? You should be aware that you can keep your home cool during the summer at a reasonable cost. If your power expenses have suddenly increased in the warmer months, there’s a chance that your air conditioning is working more aggressively and needs more energy and effort to function, which can translate into a bigger financial burden for you. 

Your unit should be serviced only once a year to keep it clean and in top condition in an ideal situation. However, if your air conditioning system is in constant need of repair, you should call a specialist to replace your system. 

If you recognize any of these signs, call the professionals at Laureyns United to help you save and enjoy the comfort you deserve.

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